Questions & Answers (FAQ)
  • Q: What is bidbag? A: bidbag is one of the most modern and reliable bidding agents for eBay. At present, the service is supervised by three active computer scientists and is constantly being developed further. The goals are and remain the provision of a service that meets the highest customer demands, works highly efficiently at all times and offers the best possible price/performance ratio on the Internet, transparent and without hidden costs. By bidding with the bidbag Sniper you save on average 30% of the auction price.
  • Q: What advantages do I have through bidbag? A: The bidbag offers many advantages over the eBay Bietassistent:
    Offer/snips with super fast Backboneanbinding
    Auctions will be triple-beboten by the Triple Snipe technology
    Sophisticated group bidding functions and group management of auctions
    Integrated Google Maps maps for fast localization of the provider position
    Real-time monitoring with arbitrary manual live updates by the user
    Email and SMS notification with SMS Bietsystem if you are on the go
    International offer in national currency. Support for all international eBay sites
    Quality development by trained computer scientists and highest data security by SSL
    Publication of lists as RSS feeds for watch lists, e.g. on the iPod
    State of the Art Administration and extinguishing functions
    Very affordable fees, especially for frequent operators. Best price/performance ratio on the internet
    Modern, platform-independent system. Tested on the iPad
    24/7 Support with guaranteed response within 24h
    Temporally unlimited storage/archiving of your auctions
    Many more features and constant guaranteed development!
  • Q: How to become bidbag user? A: If you already have an eBay account and a valid eMail address, please register on the bidbag homepage at with the menu item "New Account" in the top bar. There you will select a bidbag username and password and enter your eMail address. After the form has been sent, you will receive a message from us to the specified email address. This contains a link, which you can click to verify your user account at bidbag. If you do not receive an email, please see your SPAM-Orner. If you do not have an eBay account yet, you will need to register a new account on eBay
  • Q: How does bidbag work? A: In the first line, your auctions will be automated through this service. Your planned auctions will be delivered shortly before the end of the auction with the highest bid you have defined. This will keep you incognito and other bidders have no way more to condone your bid with a further increase. Bidbag bidbag bidbag bidbag bidbag bidbag bidbag bids. These have been programmed in assembler language and work with your set lead time in seconds. The agents are failsafe by triple bid. So each of their bids will be delivered up to three times as soon as one of the agents is expected to fail. All offering servers are located in German data centers at strategically optimal network nodes. By using the bidbag interface (https: // you can follow the actions of the agents. Because the surface works with push updates, no browser reloading is required. All bids will be done on , in order to be able to handle subsequent administrative tasks and the demand for buyer rights, also via eBay.
  • Q: What is the cost of using the bidbag agents? A: Pro newly planned auction will keep a bidbag point from your account as a deposit. Only for a successfully won auction will this point be deducted from your account. If the auction is not won or is cancelled, the deposit will be credited again. After the registration you will receive seven points for free as a welcome gift. So you can win 7 auctions without the costs incurred. If you are convinced by bidbag, you can purchase additional points from 19ct in the shop system. There are no further costs. You only pay with a bidbag-point, regardless of the increased item value. If you would like to use SMS notification and rental services, you will be charged by SMS 10ct. Once purchased points do not expire.
  • Q: Why do I have to create an eBay security token? A: The connection to your eBay account is required in order for bidbag to place automatic bids for you. To do this, a token must be created from eBay. This requires a one-off registration on eBay and your consent that bidbag in your name may give bidbag bids for you. The token is then deposited in eBay and valid for 18 months. This can be revoked at any time in your eBay account. For security reasons, bidbag does not store account data and communicates with eBay exclusively via this verified security token.
  • Q: How can I link another eBay account with bidbag? A: In order to link a different or changed eBay account to bidbag, the access key must be recreated. The old token must first be removed from your eBay account. This can be done in the 3rd-Party application access settings in eBay. After deleting the access rights, the account can be reconnected from your bidbag settings.
  • Q: I have forgotten my bidbag password. What can I do? A: On the home page you have the possibility to request a new password under the menu item "forgot password". After entering your email address stored in bidbag, you will receive an email. This contains a link, under which you can enter a new password. If your eMail address in bidbag is no longer valid, please contact support.
  • Q: How do I change my email address? A: In the bidbag system you can enter a new eMail under the menu item "Settings" on the upper menu bar in the eMail-field. After the settings have been saved, a mail with a confirmation link will be sent to this address. After clicking on this link your new eMail address is activated.
  • Q: I changed my eBay login or password. How do I adjust the settings in bidbag? A: In the bidbag system you can easily renew your access token under the menu item "Settings". The account data entered will be checked directly in the eBay system. If it is not possible to successfully refresh the token, please reset the connection once.
  • Q: How do I create a new auction? A: A new auction will be applied to the system on the top input bar by specifying the eBay item number, lead time (optional), and your maximum bid. The lead time is the amount of time, in seconds, before the end of the auction in which your bid is made.
    If you do a lot of auctions, you can speed up the entry of the auctions with the bidbag Remote Browser Plugin. After installation of the plugin, your auctions can be planned directly from the eBay article page within seconds. For more information: bidbag Remote for Firefox or bidbag Remote for Google Chrome
  • Q: How do I change my maximum bid? A: The maximum amount for your auctions can be edited up to one second before the auction ends. This is done fastest by double clicking on the respective list entry or simply clicking on the auction amount in the Infobox "Maximum bid". This will open the corresponding mask in which you can enter a new amount. Once the changes have been saved, your new maximum bid will be active immediately.
  • Q: How can I delete an active/completed auctions? A: Delete a single auction via the Klapp menu on the right side of a list entry. After selection of the menu item "Delete" and confirmation of the query dialog, this auction is erased irrevocably. Several auctions can be made by selecting the Selectboxes on the left side of the list entry. Select the auctions you want to delete, or all in a list (with the upper Selectbox). By clicking on the upper box several times, the selection can be inverted. Then under "Auctions" select the sub-item "Delete selected". Video guide for deleting multiple entries in Youtube: bidbag delete functions
  • Q: What information can I get from an auction? A: In each auction list entry, the following information is located (from top left to bottom right):
    Maximum bid -Your maximum bid with which the auction will be automatically beboten shortly before the auction. Can be edited with a click.
    Current -The current bid on the eBay auction page and the date of the last update. Can be manually updated with a click.
    Offer set on -The date/time at which the auction at eBay was set.
    Offer ends on -The date/time at which the auction on eBay is terminated.
    SKU -eBay Article number. Click on the eBay article page.
    Shipping Terms -Shipping costs of the buyer to your registered country, if indicated by the seller.
    Seller Profile -Percentage and number of positive ratings Icon shows the state as pie chart (green = positive/red = negative).
    Sellers/Location -The seller name and location. Click to open the location map if the location is specified.
  • Q: What are auction lists? A: auction lists are used for the simple management and sorting or archiving of your auctions. At the beginning you have an auction list "Auctions". New lists can be created by clicking on the plus symbol to the right of the auction drivers. For example, you can place several auctions of a topic in one list in one auction category. You can also create an archive list or a list of the group offering (only one of the included auctions will be won). By clicking on the small arrow, each list can be individually configured, renamed, or deleted including all the auctions contained. With a large number of lists, these are automatically scaled.
  • Q: How can I sort my auctions? A: Auctions can be sorted for each list by clicking on the small arrow next to the Auction name. The following sorting algorhytmes are available:
    Manually tile -Default value. The auctions can be arranged with a pressed mouse button at the bottom left corner (drag & drop).
    Sort by bidding status -The lists are sorted by status. These are: Won, Obeying, Lost and Stopped.
    Sort by Auction End -Auctions will be sorted first after active (also obeyed) with the soon ending first, then after finished (recently finished first).
  • Q: How can I take notes on existing auctions? A: To store notes/remarks or the seller's address for auction, a note function has been integrated into bidbag. Notes can be created in the edit mode (double click or click on maximum bid) or in the auction menu on the right side of each auction with the menu item "Notes". If an auction contains a note, a small plus symbol appears on the right side of the Auction. By clicking on the symbol you can display and hide the note. With the selection of "Notes: Show/Hide" on the top menu bar, all the notes included in this list will be included in the list. collapsed.
  • Q: What are key words and how do I define them? A: Key words can be used to filter out certain auctions from a large number of times. Keywords can be, for example: a product, a product manufacturer, an automobile identification number, a family member, etc... For each auction, any keywords can be entered in the edit mode (double click on the auction entry or your maximum bid). Multiple keywords are separated with spaces. All keywords will appear after clicking on the "keywords" menu in the top bar as a keyword cloud. Frequently used keywords are shown larger and less used smaller. By clicking on one of the keywords in the tag cloud, only the auctions with the catchphrase contained are displayed. By clicking on "Undo Filter" all the auctions will be displayed again. A defined catchword can also be selected directly in the corresponding auction on the right side by clicking on it.
  • Q: How can I manage a list? A: By clicking on the list name, e.g. Auctions will be activated. A small arrow appears on the right side next to the list name. The following settings can be made: Rename List -Here you can enter any name for the list.
    Delete List (Out of Primary List) -This will delete the entire list and content.
    Sort List -See How can I sort my auctions? .
    Only win an auction -See How can I define a group offer? .
  • Q: How can i get informed about an auction state? A: After logging in, you have the following options in the bidbag settings (upper menu) for eMail or SMS notification:
    I would like to be informed about lost/lost auctions. -You will receive an eMail in the event of an auction or a lost auction.
    I would like to be reminded if I was outboated. -You will receive an email if you have been outbid.
    I would like to be informed about new offers and actions. -You will receive important news/newsletters about the bidbag services.
    I would like to be informed by SMS about lost/lost auctions. -You will receive an SMS with a won/lost auction.
    I would like to be informed by SMS, if I am outboated. -You will receive an SMS, if you have been outbid, and can increase the bid by SMS. See: How can I make a bid by SMS?
  • Q: How do SMS services work? A: The SMS notification can be activated in the settings. You can be informed by SMS of lost/lost auctions and in case you have been outboated. The SMS will be sent to your mobile phone number stored in the bidbag settings. By SMS, you can also increase your maximum offer. After the new registration you will receive three SMS free of charge. Additional SMS contingents can be purchased via the shop system.
  • Q: How can I increase a bid by SMS? A: If you have received an SMS in case of too low a maximum bid, you can increase the bid in which you reply to the SMS and enter the following text: "BID X, XX". After a successful submission of a new maximum offer, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • Q: What do the bidbag SMS services cost me? A: Each SMS transaction costs 10ct.
  • Q: What are group bids? A: You can summarize several auctions in a list to a bidding group. After an auction has been won, all other active auctions are canceled. This way, you can offer you more auctions if you only want to win one.
  • Q: How can I define a group offer? A: By clicking on the list name, e.g. Auctions will activate this list. A small arrow appears on the right side next to the list name. There you can select the option "Win only one auction". This activates the group offering mode for the corresponding list. This can be seen on a small icon in the status window of all active auctions. After one of the auctions included in the list has been won, all other active auctions will be canceled and the deposit will be credited again.
  • Q: Why did I lose an auction despite higher commandments? A: You may have placed a higher bid but still not won an auction. This can be related to the eBay bid increments, your eBay access token or from buyer requirements defined by the seller.
    < b>If you get the message "eBay access token inactive" in your auction status, your eBay access token was not stored correctly in the bidbag settings or you forgot to renew it. You can renew your access token in the settings. The token will then be valid for 18 months. You may also deactivate other security queries from third-party providers such as Paypal for your eBay account (Paypal 2FA - Two factor authentification).
  • Q: What are eBay bid increments? A: The eBay increases shall indicate the amount which must be at least on an existing auction amount in order to obtain a supplement. The following increment steps have been defined by eBay:
    Current Price Bid Increment
    $0.01-$0.99 $0.05
    $1.00-$4.99 $0.25
    $5.00-$24.99 $0.50
    $25.00–$99.99 $1.00
    $100.00–$249.99 $2.50
    $250.00–$499.99 $5.00
    $500.00–$999.99 $10.00
    $1000.00–$2499.99 $20.00
    $2500.00–$4999.99 $50.00
    $5000.00 and up $100.00
    For more information, please contact the relevant eBay Information Page .
  • Q: What is "Smart Bidding" in Bidbag? A: For the surcharge of a bid, only one difference is missing for the next higher step. The "smart bidding" option allows you to submit further bidbag bids after your maximum bid and increases your chances for a surcharge. Attention: This option can increase your maximum bid, depending on the number of increments set and the current auction price (see eBay elevation steps). By default, this option is disabled.
  • Q: What are buyer requirements? A: The buyer requirement designates conditions to be fulfilled by buyers, or Exclusion criteria that prevent certain buyers from offering or buying items on offer. The following buyers can be excluded from the seller:
    Buyers without PayPal account
    Buyer with notice due to a non-paid article
    Buyers with primary delivery address in a country where you do not send goods
    Buyers who have repeatedly violated eBay principles
    Buyers who have a lower rating point than are set by you
    Buyers who have bought 1-100 of your items in the last 10 days (you can choose this number yourself)
    For more information, please contact the relevant eBay Information Page .
  • Q: I've won with a manual bid, but still get a point deducted. Is that justified? A: Manual bidding is no longer necessary when using bidbag. If you nevertheless bid manually and have also automated the auction in bidbag, it may happen that bidbag calculates a point even though you bought the item yourself.

    This is because submitting the bid for bidbag den causes less effort. Most of the resources are needed to constantly perform calculations and comparisons and to check for updates during the auction. This is a technically complex process that requires constant further development of the systems. bidbag is dependent on many technologies and interfaces, which are continuously being developed.

    If you think that your point was withheld unfairly, write to us.
  • Q: My eBay account is protected by the Paypal security code. Can I use bidbag with it? A: With the security key you protect your PayPal account with a 6-digit security code, which you enter in addition to your member name and password when logging in. Unfortunately, the bidbag bidbag agents cannot generate this security code and so do not bid for you. Please deactivate your Paypal security code for the eBay login for the use of the bidbag services.
  • Q: Can I plan my bids directly from eBay? A: Yes! For bidbag, there is a browser plugin called "bidbag Remote". With this, you can remotely control your bidbag and plan your bids quickly and efficiently from the eBay auction site and organize it in lists.
    The bidbag Remote Plugin for the Firefox browser is available here in the latest version.
  • Q: Why use a Sniper? A: It should be widely known that auctions, whether on the Internet or in large auction houses outside the virtual world, are often obtained if the last bid is delivered shortly before the end of the auction. The height of the bid is, of course, also decisive for the successful cutting off at an auction, but more important is the timing of the delivery of a bid. If the last bid is made shortly before the end of the auction, no other competitor will have the option of issuing a higher bid and the auction will be won by the latter. Of course, the last bidder also has no chance to make an even higher offer if his last bid was not high enough to win the auction, but in that case he also doesn't need to be annoying that he may be too much for paid the object of desire, since he was willing to pay the bid, only to pay the amount previously set. The bidbag bidding manager continues to allow you to automate your bids in order to offer, for example, even at night or at the same time on several articles.
  • Q: How can I get a bill for my purchases? A: You can activate the shipping of the invoice in your bidbag settings. In each case on 01. each month invoices are sent in Acrobat .pdf format for the purchases of the last calendar month as an email attachment.
  • Q: I have a question that is not in this list. Who can I turn to? A: Please contact the bidbag team. Under the menu item "Contact" on the lower menu bar you will find a corresponding form. You can also write an eMail directly to bidbag support. The address is: .